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My Friend Wyatt Earp Handling Business

  After losing his brother, Wyatt sought after a reckoning….   Wyatt Earp: All right, Clanton… you called down the thunder, well now you’ve got it! You see that? [pulls open his coat, revealing a badge] Wyatt Earp: It says United States Marshal! Ike Clanton: [terrified, pleading] Wyatt, please, I… Wyatt Earp: [referring to Stilwell, […]

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The StandOff with Johnny Ringo

In this great Scene from the 1993 Tombstone Film Wyatt Earp was challenged to a shoot out by Johnny Ringo.  But Doc Holliday pretends like he is sick in order or take Wyatt’s place.   They started a game they didn’t get a chance to finish, and that poor soul was just too high strung. […]

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VIDEO: Doc Holliday “I Know, Let’s have a spelling contest”

Watch the scene from Tombstone below. This is one of my favorites and an all time classic from the man himself Doc Holliday.  The same scene where he drops the classic line “I have not yet begun to defile myself” on Wyatt Earp And OOH the look on Ike Clanton‘s face when Doc tells him that […]

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A Rare Letter From Wyatt Earp

Hi-Jacked from SCV History On Nov. 16, 1924 Earp wrote to his friend Bill, “Even the paragraph about Doc Holliday shooting a man in Los Angeles was without foundation. Holliday to my positive knowledge never had been in Los Angeles.” Published here, for the first time, are some of the most interesting letters which Wyatt Earp penned […]

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Have the Times Changed the Fate of Relationships?

Technology.  Instant gratification.  This is where we are now.  This isn’t where we came from.  We, as a society, have changed in many ways.  Where are the kids with morals?  Where are the courtships?  Where is the human interaction?  Everyone has their heads buried in their phones.  We are losing touch, literally, with each other. […]

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Character You Relate to the Most.

There were many great roles in the movie Tombstone.  Which character do you relate to the most?  Were you like Doc Holliday?  Are you a bully like Ike?  The Anti-Christ like Kate?  The guy who talks too much like Johnny?  Are you the 2nd best shooter like Ringo?  Maybe you’re weasel like sheriff Behan?  He […]

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Sarcasm Daily

Sarcasm.  Much needed on a daily basis to deal with daily encounters with other humans.  Common sense.  Much needed on a daily basis by other humans.  Can anyone answer me this…. What is going on in this society?  Everyone has their heads down looking at a phone or their heads up their ass trying to […]

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Is loyalty fading from society?

What do you think?   Do you have many friends who you consider loyal?  Are you loyal to many people?  Doc was very loyal. I think society isn’t as loyal as a whole as it once was.  Your thoughts? Related Tags:

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Doc Holliday Lingo.

Ever wonder what I’m saying in the movie or what it even means? I have many great lines in the movie Tombstone.  I’m Your Huckleberry… Say When…. You’re a daisy if You do…. I am Rolling… just to name a few. This post will turn into a complete Doc Holliday lingo reference page soon…. With […]

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The Tale of “John Henry Holliday”

Ever wonder who, what, where, when, why, and how the heck “DOC” Holliday became such a legendary figure.  Well look no further.  The Story of Doc Holliday is right here!  We have compiled some of the most credible information in the world to bring directly to you on  Stay tuned for even MORE great news […]

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