After Doc shoots Johnny Ringo Loyalty What does it mean?

Doc Holliday Lingo.

Ever wonder what I’m saying in the movie or what it even means?

I have many great lines in the movie Tombstone.  I’m Your Huckleberry… Say When…. You’re a daisy if You do…. I am Rolling… just to name a few.

This post will turn into a complete Doc Holliday lingo reference page soon…. With that being said, In the Comments, either leave a Doc Holliday quote and its meaning OR ask a question of what a quote really translates too.  Indeed.

What does it mean?

What does it mean?




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The Tale of “John Henry Holliday”

Ever wonder who, what, where, when, why, and how the heck “DOC” Holliday became such a legendary figure.  Well look no further.  The Story of Doc Holliday is right here!  We have compiled some of the most credible information in the world to bring directly to you on  Stay tuned for even MORE great news and info regarding Doc Holliday and his all out western lifestyle.


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